Lester Levenson's
KISS Releasing System



Who Is Lester

Lester Levenson was a physicist from New Jersey who developed the most powerful way to let go of all self-limitations.He used the process himself initially in 1952 over a 3-month period to relieve major health problems that almost killed him. After releasing all of this program, incredibly, by driving himself like an Olympic athlete going for the Gold, he told me he drifted into a state that cannot be described because so few have arrived there. It was a peaceful place of happiness with no sorrow, with no limitations whatsoever, and where he could have anything for the mere thought of it. “Life was so comfortable after that. No worries at all.” It was also, he told me, a very familiar state, like being home.

About Stephen

Graduate of UCLA. B.A. M.A. Music, Film. Studied film scoring with original “Mission Impossible” theme creator, Lalo Schifrin. Scored the CBS and Showtime series, “The Paper Chase”, with Oscar winner John Houseman.

He was brought in to write music for the revived series on Showtime personally by Houseman. Stephen’s music on the CBS series was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Set to score the feature, “Out On My Feet”, with

Robert DeNiro….

10 Little-Known Facts About KISS Releasing!

1. Developed by physicist and scientist Lester Levenson to release the negative self-imposed limitations in the subconscious mind.2. Verified as effective by scientists and researchers at Harvard University, the State University of New York and Columbia University.

3. Works at the subconscious level to remove bundles of negative thoughts, feeling and beliefs known as master programs.

4. Effective for producing mental, emotional and physical improvement in all areas of life.

5. Easy to use in the moment as a situation is unfolding and in focused releasing sessions.

6. Frees the mind to uncover solutions to problems quickly on the spot.

7. Perfect adjunct to any other modality or therapy.

8. Allows you to tap your unlimited potential to create life on your terms.

9. Creates long-lasting and when applied properly permanent results that can not be undone.

10. Helps you be, do and have anything you determine including: success, prosperity, happiness and radiant health.

Read What KISS Releasing Students Report...

“I Am Ten Times Better”
“I released on the issue and took it to all the three wants, and I am ten times better:)”

Anthony M.


“Been Very Helpful”
“So far I’ve gained a lot more clarity on [releasing]. The way you’ve explained various concepts have helped a lot in clearing things up. I’ll probably listen multiple times and take notes to review. The clearing that’s done at the beginning has also been very helpful. I do a lot better with keeping focus when listening to you guiding the clearing…”

Marsha H.

“The Most Powerful Way To Make Big Changes
In All Aspects Of Your Life”
“The [process] is by far the most powerful way to make big changes in all aspects of your life through the simple act of ‘letting go.’ In the beginning it feels so easy that one feels the need to make it more complicated than it actually is. That is the perfect time to surrender and trust that some great things just get to be easy.”

Mariel Hemingway


“Good Things Happening Almost Effortlessly.” “So far the results have been fantastic.”
I got an unexpected $2,170 check from the doctor. Plus, I saved $696 on a vacation package after being quoted a higher price. I didn’t negotiate or anything. It just sort of fell into my lap.

That means, by investing in the program… I got back almost 10 times my investment in about a week. But the best part is I’m feeling in the flow all the time and all kinds of good things are now happening almost effortlessly. Thank you.”

John A.


For Anyone Seeking The Ultimate Truth To An Unlimited Life…

New Jersey Physicist Crawls From Death Bed And Stumbles Upon The Real Secret To A Life Of Abundant Wealth, Health And Happiness!

At last! You can discover the secret verified by Harvard researchers and used by famous celebrities, world champion athletes and key personnel from Fortune 500 companies to enjoy financial, physical and emotional success the easy way…By Stephen Seretan

Los Angeles, California

Your Life Will Change Forever

The process of letting go or releasing clears out all the negatives. As the subconscious negatives dissolve, you’re left with only the positive thoughts and feelings that can help you create a positive life.

You will no longer sabotage yourself. Because nothing bad will be left inside. You will finally be free to fashion the world of your dreams. You will finally be free to be, do and have exactly what you desire. And you will be able to manifest quickly. That’s one of the fantastic benefits of the KISS Releasing process. Fast measurable results with little to no effort on your part.Keep in mind, KISS Releasing has been verified by scientists.

Feel Good Now Releasing Process

I am going to prove KISS Releasing works right now. First, I want you to think about any topic that’s been bothering you lately. It could be something related to your health, financial situation, relationships, job or whatever….

1. Feel the feeling.

2. Ask yourself, “Could I let go of that feeling?”

3. Then ask, “Would I let go of it?”

4. Then ask, “When?”

5. The answer is… “Now!”

6. Repeat this process until you feel lighter, better.