Beliefs…The Blocks That Sabotage Everything You Choose

If you look at the Tree of Limitation on page 3 of my site (bio below), you will see that beliefs are represented by the trunk of the tree. That means they are right above the Master Programs of the 3 wants of the Sedona Method. These programs (expressed in computer-speak) are almost as limiting as the lower ones, but are many times more readily seen and experienced. As with any tree, the further down one goes, the thicker and harder the wood is, and the more difficult it becomes to chop it down and remove it from our path.
If we just deal with the leaves and branches (thoughts and feelings), the results are slow and ineffective. The point I am making here is when we begin to work away at the beliefs/programs on the trunk, the rest of the tree will fall easier. Then we can use all of our remaining power to haul out the roots and be done with it. In real life terms, that means we are free. Lester Levenson led the creation of the Programs Course after the Jim Jones Event in 1978. He saw the real problem with the people who lost their lives in Guiana was the result of the cult programming that was inflicted on them. He wanted Sedona Method grads to become immune to this type of thing and teach them how to delete their own limiting belief systems. Thus, what I teach today is the end product of that. The Beliefs Deletion I teach is a less intense version of the original course which I led in Sedona at a retreat a few years ago. That took place over 4 days. In this version, I help students identify some of these major beliefs and then teach how to start removing them. The REAL you is YOU, minus your programs…Lester Levenson

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