Beliefs…What Are They?

A belief, according to Lester Levenson, is something accepted on hearsay. That means that we are accepting something as truth that someone else told us or that we read somewhere. It has no basis in fact, and has not been proved. These can be medical beliefs, food beliefs, spiritual ones, or any of the myriad beliefs that we see on the Internet or hear on the news every day. Science is always changing its views on things. For years, ulcers were treated by telling a patient to drink milk and antacids were prescribed. Now it is common medical knowledge that ulcers are caused by a bacterial infection of the stomach lining. Lester told me that scientists are of “muddling minds”. And he, himself, was a physicist by profession. Did you ever ask yourself why you accept these beliefs as gospel? We all should. I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that the more beliefs we take on, the easier is is to accept more. I suppose we feel secure with believing that there is a God who sits upon a throne and will reward us for all the good we’ve done. And the same deity will punish the evil doers. We all can admit, though, that it doesn’t always happen like that. It is a fact that to every action there is an equal and opposite re-action…Newton’s First Law of Physics. That is called karma by the Masters. In the normal world, that goes on.Everything one thinks and does returns to him/her as a reaction. Masters, however, live at a higher level and are not bound by the law of karma. What is the problem with beliefs? It is this. Because the mind is only creative, they get produced in our lives. The subconscious ones, the ones we are not aware of and don’t want to look at, are the real problem. The less beliefs we have, the more our natural Self/Beingness, can shine forth in our lives. That brings happiness, wealth and success, which is the nature of Beingness. All beliefs block that Perfect Being that we are. Without beliefs to the contrary, the world would serve us effortlessly. This is a good process: Write down 25 beliefs you are holding onto right now. Ask yourself for each one whether or not they are really true. You will be amazed at what you see. Once we see that they are limiting us, we can begin to drop them, Lester style. Long held beliefs over many lifetimes become programs. We can start deleting these also. Ask also, what would my life be like without all these beliefs? Could I exist? Why do I accept them? “Knowing the true from the un-true and the real from the un-real is the highest form of discrimination… Lester Levenson.

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