The World Out There. What It Really Is

"There's nothing out there but your thinkingness." Lester said this often. Whatdid he mean? Most of us think that the world happens to us, when the reality of it is just the opposite. WE are the creators of our "movie".. Most of it is SUB conscious, so we are not aware of it, but it happens just the same. Whether we like it or not, our thoughts are producing on the screen of space, and we live it. So, what can we do about it? Change what we think, feel, and our wants by releasing with the Sedona Method. It is the only fast way I know of to do it, and I've tried just about everything else.As we release, we can watch subtle changes happen in our picture. People willact differently towards us, and things just get better. We "fix" our world ...

The Required Element in All Goal Creations

The key to success is USING what comes up to springboard yourself to courageousness (C) in the feeling energies I was taught. That is the ONLY place your goal will manifest in your reality. Simple. Anything under that simply will NOT do it. Successful people without this process do this naturally, and they move from one success to another. I know that drives you crazy because it does me sometimes. But we must join them and use releasing to get to where they are. They could lose it one day and not know how to get back to it, but we will know how to remain there. That is the big difference. And also, we are letting go of our NON WINNING PROGRAMS in the process...PERMANENTLY. We are moving up, they are moving down.

I use processes that will ...

How To Let Go Of Fear On The Spot

"Fear is an attractive force, like love, " Lester said. We may have also heard, "What you fear, will appear." Why is this?" Actually, it is quite simple. This may shock you, but here goes: Fear is in reality WANTING something to happen! For Sedona Method grads, it is just below Lust on the Energy Chart. The Lust feeling of Wanting something gets suppressed into the lower energy of Fear, where we can pretend we are a victim.

We don't like to take credit for things. We want this terrible thing to happen, but we are embarrassed about it. So we push it down into fear, so we can blame it on someone else.
Sound familiar?

Now that we know this surprising fact, how do we let go of it? Here it is. Lester taught me a very simple process to easily and...

Miracles And The Natural Law

Lester told me that a miracle is the easiest thing in the world to do. Why? Because it is the working of natural law. All Masters are able to totally control the physical world and produce at will whatever they choose. Lester said that accumulating money and things is really insecurity. We believe we will run out, so we feel we need to amass more and more. Even a person with billions of dollars is wanting security, because he does not stop, and keeps trying to gain more. He cannot use what he has already but keeps wanting more.What is this law of miracles? One can read about it in Autobiography of a Yogi in the chapter, "The Law of Miracles". The law is that if we allow the harmony to prevail, and let go of wanting (easier said than done...

Love From The Perspective Of American Master Lester Levenson, Sedona Method Originator...

I thought I would write about the subject of Love from Lester's viewpoint. He often said that Love was one of the most often used but misunderstood words in human experience. What Love brings to mind for most of us is that first kiss with our high school sweetheart, or meeting our spouse-to-be for the first time.

When we "fall in Love" there is a real chemical cocktail that is uncorked, poured into our blood, and we feel high, giddy , and for a time, the world is a blissful place. We see our beloved bathed in Love-colored hues, and he/she is perfect. I've often thought if they could put this into a pill, we'd have a drug problem of horrendous proportions!

Lester said that human Love is totally different from the way a Master defines Love, ...

Beliefs Are Obstacles To Your Success And Happiness

"Beliefs Block Your Beingness"

Lester made this statement when talking about beliefs, or as he called them, programs. What does it mean in the practical terms of achieving goals, having more money, and being happier? He said we are like a computer where the programmer has fallen asleep. Programs are long held beliefs that are really decisions we made consciously in the past and are now running unconsciously in the present. By the past he meant a very long time ago in other lives we have experienced. Even though they are running below the light of conscious awareness, they are still active and create a reality in our lives.You can prove the truth of these happiness killers yourself. What are your strong held beliefs? "If I ever get any mon...

Wanting Love From The World, The Lynch Pin Of Unhappiness

"All your misery comes from your need to be loved."

This simple, yet profound statement from Sedona KISS Releasing creator Lester Levenson, cuts through all the psycho-babble we hear every day, and makes the path clear to where happiness is. "If we could just love fully", he said, "We would not only have all the knowledge there is, but we would have abundance drop in with an effortless thought." In fact, as any Master knows, love brings all the power of the Universe into one's hands at will. How is this possible? It is so because when we fully love, we are in harmony with all that is...Divine Will. And "Divine law supercedes man-made laws.Most "normal" humans are living every day "wanting to be loved". We are looking for it in every actio...

Beliefs...The Blocks That Sabotage Everything You Choose

If you look at the Tree of Limitation on page 3 of my site (bio below), you will see that beliefs are represented by the trunk of the tree. That means they are right above the Master Programs of the 3 wants of the Sedona Method. These programs (expressed in computer-speak) are almost as limiting as the lower ones, but are many times more readily seen and experienced. As with any tree, the further down one goes, the thicker and harder the wood is, and the more difficult it becomes to chop it down and remove it from our path.

If we just deal with the leaves and branches (thoughts and feelings), the results are slow and ineffective. The point I am making here is when we begin to work away at the beliefs/programs on the trunk, the rest of the...

Destroy the Fake Idols You Worship

I study the ancient practice of Kabbalah. It means "receiving" (from the Creator). Many believe it was given to Abraham in the Old Testament. He told a great story about how a woman came into Terah's idol shop, carrying with her a bowl filled with flour as an offering to idols. Abraham took an axe and shattered all the idols except for the biggest one.
When Terah returned and saw the destruction in his shop, he shouted, "What happened here?"

"Why should I conceal the truth from you?" Abraham answered. "While you were gone, a woman came in and made an offering of flour to the idols. Every one of the idols exclaimed that he wanted to eat it first. The biggest idol grew angry, grabbed the axe, and shattered all the others."

"What is this nonse...

How to Constantly Be Receiving from Beingness What You Choose

Kabbalah is a teaching that can be traced back to Abraham and to Moses after the Exodus from Egypt. I wanted to see if it aligned with KISS Releasing, our approach to the Lester's original Sedona Method. Lester said that Truth never changes, and never WILL change a million years from now. I witnessed many agreements and similarities, just that the approach and names are different.The word "Kabbalah" actually means "receiving, reception". Thus, the study of Kabbalah is really the study of how we can open ourselves to the Beingness' giving to us. Notice I did not say, how to "get the Beingness to give to us." Lester told me that it is trying to create our goals every moment, but WE slow it down with our master programs of WA, WC, and WS. A...