Lester Levenson’s Scientific Way To Drop Fears About Money

Right now, you may be fearful about how to pay all the bills you have. Maybe how to have enough for your family to live a reasonably comfortable life. Rent, mortgage, utilities, cable, and the huge costs of driving now. Those fears are really an attractive force. What that means is this. You may have heard about the book, “The Secret” or the Law of Attraction. There is really a Universal Law that states, “What you hold in your mind, you will attract to you.” Fear is an attractive force, and will bring to you the very thing you are fearing. I know that may sound kind of strange, but it is so. In a way, it is subconscious WANTING for it to happen. Test it out for yourself. Has what you feared ever happened to you? Continue reading “Lester Levenson’s Scientific Way To Drop Fears About Money”

Lester Levenson’s “Butt Method” Of Getting Rich And What It Is

There has been a lot of interest in the so called Butt Method of achieving results with the Sedona Method. Lester called it the “Butt Method” because he said that it is possible to just sit on our butts and have the world serve us if we are very released. Take note of the “if”. That’s the part that most people miss. That means that we must be in solid Courageousness and Acceptance on the chart for this to work. We have to be honest with ourselves as to where we really are in terms of our state of consciousness. If not, we are living in a “fool’s paradise”, and we will fail at this. What prevents us from operating this system is our non-winning beliefs. “I can’t do it”, “I am a loser”, “I am too old to do this”, “It’s too late”, etc. Also it is our deep seated, subconscious programs suppressed over lifetimes. Continue reading “Lester Levenson’s “Butt Method” Of Getting Rich And What It Is”

If You Are Having Trouble Making The Secret Work, This Might Help

He retraced his own healing steps in 1974, and created The Sedona Method,
whereby anyone can release all the subconscious blocks to having, doing and being anything one desires. From the first day of applying the Sedona Method, most people who release, will feel lighter and happier, and begin to unlock what has been stopping them: their self imposed limitations. Lester called them the non winning programs/beliefs. Continue reading “If You Are Having Trouble Making The Secret Work, This Might Help”

How To Release Fear Fast

How can we let go of it? In the Sedona Method, we teach a very simple process to easily and quickly deal with this. Ask yourself this question when you are fearing something. Let us say you are afraid you will not have enough money. Ask yourself, “Could I let go of wanting to run out of money? Would I? When?” Keep repeating this process. You will start to notice a lessening of the fear. It will just begin to dissipate. Do it while driving, while preparing dinner, or whenever you are afraid. Continue reading “How To Release Fear Fast”

How To Constantly Be Receiving From Beingness What You Choose

Kabbalah is a teaching that can be traced back to Abraham and to Moses after the Exodus from Egypt. I wanted to see if it aligned with KISS Releasing, our approach to the Lester’s original Sedona Method. Lester said that Truth never changes, and never WILL change a million years from now. I witnessed many agreements and similarities, just that the approach and names are different.
The word “Kabbalah” actually means “receiving, reception”. Continue reading “How To Constantly Be Receiving From Beingness What You Choose”

Guys: The 5 Things You Must Do To Change Your Dating Dynamic With Hot Girls

  1. You need to become positive in your outlook and personality. The Law of Attraction (LOA) states that “Like Attracts Like”. It really is true, so you might as well get used to it. Find the BEST self help training there is and learn it. It should teach you how to set and get goals. If it doesn’t do that, drop it. The one I do does all that. If you feel negative about dating girls, that is what will happen. Nothing. A positive inner consciousness will bring great results. Trust me. Remember though, it has to be a REAL system that works. 99.9% do not. Be careful. Caviat emtor (buyer beware).

Continue reading “Guys: The 5 Things You Must Do To Change Your Dating Dynamic With Hot Girls”

Fail To Attract Money? Here Are The Five Reasons Why

We hang around people with a poverty consciousness. The old saying goes that you “cannot soar with eagles if you hang with turkeys.” Make yourself read about and watch stories on TV about rich people and successful ones. It will get you into their mindsets more and more. I do. Learn how they think and work. They act differently than people with a low money consciousness. They really do. Try to meet and learn from a wealthy mentor. It will pay RICH rewards. Continue reading “Fail To Attract Money? Here Are The Five Reasons Why”

Destroy The Fake Idols You Worship

I study the ancient practice of Kabbalah. It means “receiving” (from the Creator). Many believe it was given to Abraham in the Old Testament. He told a great story about how a woman came into Terah’s idol shop, carrying with her a bowl filled with flour as an offering to idols. Abraham took an axe and shattered all the idols except for the biggest one.
When Terah returned and saw the destruction in his shop, he shouted, “What happened here?” Continue reading “Destroy The Fake Idols You Worship”

Beliefs…The Blocks That Sabotage Everything You Choose

The point I am making here is when we begin to work away at the beliefs/programs on the trunk, the rest of the tree will fall easier. Then we can use all of our remaining power to haul out the roots and be done with it. In real life terms, that means we are free. Lester Levenson led the creation of the Programs Course after the Jim Jones Event in 1978. He saw the real problem with the people who lost their lives in Guiana was the result of the cult programming that was inflicted on them. Continue reading “Beliefs…The Blocks That Sabotage Everything You Choose”