Destroy the Fake Idols You Worship

I study the ancient practice of Kabbalah. It means "receiving" (from the Creator). Many believe it was given to Abraham in the Old Testament. He told a great story about how a woman came into Terah's idol shop, carrying with her a bowl filled with flour as an offering to idols. Abraham took an axe and shattered all the idols except for the biggest one.
When Terah returned and saw the destruction in his shop, he shouted, "What happened here?"

"Why should I conceal the truth from you?" Abraham answered. "While you were gone, a woman came in and made an offering of flour to the idols. Every one of the idols exclaimed that he wanted to eat it first. The biggest idol grew angry, grabbed the axe, and shattered all the others."

"What is this nonsense?" Terah asked angrily, "You know as well as I do that idols don't eat and don't move, to say nothing of fighting."

"Is that right?" Abraham countered. "But if what you say is true, why do you serve them?" The idols in the story represent the ego with its endless and empty desires of the world, seeking after happiness and fulfillment where it is not. What it DOES do is present us with the proverbial carrot that will force us to look within to the REAL source of fulfillment. And as you would have it, we also get the things of the world like money and success as a by-product. The Self just wants us to look in the right place...inside. Inside our cleaned out consciousness is where the creations take place. NOT in the world. We are here to learn that, Lester told me. Master the world, he said,

If you want to begin to do this yourself, there is a very easy way to begin. I am taking out the KiSS Fast Start audio and transcript from the basic course, and offering it to the public.It will give you an overview of the 5 mp3 course and also give you a goal to make money. Many people have used this to make back the money they invested in the KiSS Basic. I have the testimonials. Begin destroying YOUR idols by releasing them from the subconscious mind. It is easy once you know how. All these idols are thoughts and feelings triggered by the threee main Master Wants that we all have. They are about the want to control, the compulsive need to get love and the compulsive need for survival