Fail to Attract Money? Here Are the Five Reasons Why

3. We hang around people with a poverty consciousness. The old saying goes that you "cannot soar with eagles if you hang with turkeys." Make yourself read about and watch stories on TV about rich people and successful ones. It will get you into their mindsets more and more. I do. Learn how they think and work. They act differently than people with a low money consciousness. They really do. Try to meet and learn from a wealthy mentor. It will pay RICH rewards.

4. Understand and practice the Law of Attraction with money. This relates to #3. Lack begets lack and abundance attracts wealth. It is a law. Masters say that a "spirit of givingness brings us money." Freely give and freely receive. That tells the mind's creative force that we are rich, and so brings wealth. Hard to believe?
It works. Try it.

5. Learn to let go of ALL feelings and thoughts about NOT having money. Masters say that the "world would serve us with affluence and an abundance of everything if we let go of the thoughts to the contrary." It would just effortlessly drop in if we would let it. But we block it by subconsciously holding on to negative feelings. it is really that simple.

The first American Master told me I could be a millionaire, but that I did NOT believe him. I do now. I am now busy dropping all those feelings contrary to that. As fast as I can.

Stephen Seretan
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