How to Release Fear Fast

How can we let go of it? In the Sedona Method, we teach a very simple process to easily and quickly deal with this. Ask yourself this question when you are fearing something. Let us say you are afraid you will not have enough money. Ask yourself, "Could I let go of wanting to run out of money? Would I? When?" Keep repeating this process. You will start to notice a lessening of the fear. It will just begin to dissipate. Do it while driving, while preparing dinner, or whenever you are afraid.

Practice this process whenever you feel this uncomfortable sensation. You might laugh a little at the silliness that you could actually WANT that thing to happen. Good. We release a little while laughing. In these tough economic times, we are fearing events more and more. Insecurity is everywhere. So, take the fear up to wanting, and release it from there. It is much easier than dealing with it in the low state of fear. "Could I let go of wanting that to happen? Would I? When? NOW!"

Fear is a stuck emotion. You don't have to be a victim of it anymore with this easy process. Do it. It works.

Stephen Seretan

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