Lester Levenson's "Butt Method" of Getting Rich and What It Is

There has been a lot of interest in the so called Butt Method of achieving results with the Sedona Method. Lester called it the "Butt Method" because he said that it is possible to just sit on our butts and have the world serve us if we are very released. Take note of the "if". That's the part that most people miss. That means that we must be in solid Courageousness and Acceptance on the chart for this to work. We have to be honest with ourselves as to where we really are in terms of our state of consciousness. If not, we are living in a "fool's paradise", and we will fail at this. What prevents us from operating this system is our non-winning beliefs. "I can't do it", "I am a loser", "I am too old to do this", "It's too late", etc. Also it is our deep seated, subconscious programs suppressed over lifetimes.
A program is a decision made consciously, but now running unconsciously. Still creating a reality for us, however. They infect all that we do and color our world in ways that add extra difficulty to anything we try to accomplish. As I have seen, they slow down or stop our releasing altogether. I know they have slowed me down over the years of my accomplishing goals. We can take control back, and begin to undo these menaces to happiness and success. I have a gained a lot of experience working on eliminating these for myself, and I bring that to the table now. It is totally doable to drop theses programs/beliefs, but it takes 5 things: 1. Being able to identify them when they are appearing. 2.

Discriminating between what is true and what is the mind lying to you. 3. Making a STRONG decision to drop them. 4. Doing this many times a day. 5. Persisting in the battle. If you are active in this, you can win this battle between your Self, and what Lester called, "The program enemies that seek to dethrone you." You too will then be able to sit on your butt and let the world's riches come to you.