The World Out There. What It Really Is

"There's nothing out there but your thinkingness." Lester said this often. Whatdid he mean? Most of us think that the world happens to us, when the reality of it is just the opposite. WE are the creators of our "movie".. Most of it is SUB conscious, so we are not aware of it, but it happens just the same. Whether we like it or not, our thoughts are producing on the screen of space, and we live it. So, what can we do about it? Change what we think, feel, and our wants by releasing with the Sedona Method. It is the only fast way I know of to do it, and I've tried just about everything else.As we release, we can watch subtle changes happen in our picture. People willact differently towards us, and things just get better. We "fix" our world by working with goals, and releasing on them. What we think of as a solid reality isin actuality a changeable film. Lester saw this as he was going free in 1952. Thisis a fun experiment to illustrate your creative power. The next time you are stopped next to someone at a traffic signal, look at the person in the other car when they are not looking at you. Tell them in your mind to turn and look back. You will be amazed at the result. Also, when you need parking space in a full lot, let go (if you know the Method) of wanting to have aspace.
If you don't know the Method just see yourself parking there and let go.This changing world picture idea is shocking to many at first, but it is exciting toknow you can change it. "If someone else did it, there's nothing you can do. If you did it, you can undo it"...Lester. I have had done this a myriad of times, so I know from my experience it works."We must prove to ourselves we are masters of this world and not victims," he said. "We need to let go of our non-winning programs and be winners".The world is a mirror of your mind. It can show you why you are limited andwhere you are stuck. People who bother you are there to teach you aboutyourself. This is advanced yoga, so it is not for the weak. We are in the truth business. People who have the funds to do it, use money to stay away from the world out there. But at some point, the money runs out.Then what? Nisargadatta said, "At some point all physical and mental meanscome to an end. Then what?" The "what" is where we come to as SedonaMethod students. We have the tool to straighten this all out and live life to thefullest.

We find out also why we are here. To master the world the right way Ifyou don't like your world, only you can change it. Is it easy? No. "It is simple", Lester said. Even he knew it takes a decision to change and the will to do it. Theonly choice is to live as you are. That for me was a no brainer. That's why I havbeen at this for 25 years, but it has been worth the trouble. I could not stay as Iwas. How about you?