Lester Levenson

Who Is Lester Levenson?

By Stephen Seretan


Lester Levenson was a physicist from New Jersey who developed the most powerful way to let go of all self-limitations.

He used the process himself initially in 1952 over a 3-month period to relieve major health problems that almost killed him.

After releasing all of this program, incredibly, by driving himself like an Olympic athlete going for the Gold, he told me he drifted into a state that cannot be described because so few have arrived there.

It was a peaceful place of happiness with no sorrow, with no limitations whatsoever, and where he could have anything for the mere thought of it. “Life was so comfortable after that. No worries at all.” It was also, he told me, a very familiar state, like being home.

He saw it as what everyone is seeking in the world, in money, people, and things, but can never, ever be found there. It is the driving force of every person and animal in the world, and everyone is moving toward it.

They will get there eventually, but it will be a long and painful journey. He knew he had discovered a faster and easier way “home”.

That way is today called, “KISS Releasing.”

What he, himself, did over those 3 fateful months in 1952 formed the matrix of the powerful feeling and wants releasing tool that has been experienced by tens of thousands of people, world-wide.

“Anyone with the desire I had to be free of suffering can now do the same thing I did”, Lester promised.

Many have improved their lives dramatically as a myriad of testimonials prove, in the areas of finances, health, happiness and relationships.

In 1994, Lester passed on to a “better place”, as he described in a letter to his close friends.

He asked a few of his disciples to carry on his work and get this amazing tool out to as many people as possible.

He knew it was what the world needed and wanted and that many would be open to it.

He was right.

Before he left, a relative few knew how to release with this technique.

In 2010, tens of thousands around the world are releasing and leading more productive and financially rewarding lives.

For more details, keep reading the web page below and discover how to use KISS Releasing to improve all areas of your life too…