Love From The Perspective Of American Master Lester Levenson, Sedona Method Originator…

I thought I would write about the subject of Love from Lester’s viewpoint. He often said that Love was one of the most often used but misunderstood words in human experience. What Love brings to mind for most of us is that first kiss with our high school sweetheart, or meeting our spouse-to-be for the first time.

When we “fall in Love” there is a real chemical cocktail that is uncorked, poured into our blood, and we feel high, giddy , and for a time, the world is a blissful place. We see our beloved bathed in Love-colored hues, and he/she is perfect. I’ve often thought if they could put this into a pill, we’d have a drug problem of horrendous proportions!

Lester said that human Love is totally different from the way a Master defines Love, which is the real Love of Beingness/God. He said that human Love is a very limited thing. “You do this for me, and I will Love you.” I, in turn will do that for you, and you will Love me. In Latin, we use the term :Quid Pro Quo, or “this for that”.

There is the law of mutuality always running, and this so called Love due is partly a type of human arrangement for some kind of desired result. It could be a planned family, a promising business future, or a myriad of other lustful fantasies. There may or may not work out, and even if they do, there is no guarantee that Love, Inc. will survive.

After all, the reminder of that drug is always on our minds, and that is why we hear about so much infidelity and affairs. The same person who incited that cocktail just can’t do it any more. Sound familiar? On to what Lester had to say.

At a New York City impromptu short lecture Lester gave, he made this powerful statement, “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and you’ll you be so happy…and healthy…and prosperous!” How could that be? The secret lies in Lester’s definition of Love. “Love is total selflessness.” Wanting for the other one what he/she wants for themselves (not what we want).

Love is someone knowing that “I AM YOU.” Those reading this who are Sedona Method grads will remember that on the feeling chart, Love is very high, in ACCEPTANCE, right below total PEACE.

So, we need to query ourselves, “Am I really loving?” Probably not, most of the time. When we Love our pets or someone’s newborn infant, we feel this Love. Lester said that Love is Giving, with no thought of Receiving, wanting nothing from the other one. Difficult? Not really, according to Lester. He said, “Loving people is the easiest thing to do.”

Then why does it seem so hard to Love people? How many of you have heard others say, “If only people were as easy to Love as dogs.”

The reason for that is simple. We don’t want Love from them, just for them to be there when we get home, wag their tails or purr, take walks with us, etc., and Love us for what we are, not what we are not. They don’t remember our scolding yesterday, or that we forgot their favorite cookies. They exist in the NOW moment.

We humans have a hard time loving people because we fear rejection. We put up walls around ourselves to protect us from any more hurt and to buffer the pain we are sure is to come. We want Love instead of feeling safe to give Love. Lester said “Wanting equates to not having.” So when we want Love, we create the opposite, or rejection.

Lester was often heard to say, “Every feeling is a non-Love feeling.” Fear, Pride, Grief, Apathy, etc. are all expressions of non-Love. So when we release the Wanting Love program, it takes thousands of non-Love feelings with it! There resides the incredible power of the Sedona Method (Release Technique).

Lester told me if I became totally loving by using his technique, all my goals would just drop in by a mere effortless thought. Why? Because it is such a high state, you are in tune with the Whole Universe, which is ALL LOVING.

When the mind is quiet with no thoughts and feelings, all the power of one’s Self is available, untethered by the baggage of the past (the programs). The Big 3 Master Programs are released with the Sedona Method Release Technique Course.

Getting back to Lester’s statement at the lecture, if we would Love all the time, we would achieve a very successful and happy life. Loving totally would amazingly give us all the knowledge we seek as well. So what keeps us from doing this? Just holding on to non-Love feelings we think will protect us, but in fact cause us trouble.

The very fear of rejection causes us to be rejected. Anger at him/her for something said causes us to create the same thing over again with someone else! Also, because Love is such a high state, it automatically will bring up all the AGFLAP, or non-Love feelings, just as wording a goal in a high energy.

Once while in Sedona for an intensive, I made a goal, “I decide to Love people no matter what.” It stirred me up so badly I became violently ill and threw up for days. Lester nearly yelled at me, “Why did you stop releasing? You could have gone free!” We don’t like the insecure or rejected feelings, so we slow our progress down.

If you remember a time you were truly happy, you were most likely feeling very loving. Is it true? Maybe you were helping in a selfless way, or maybe giving a gift to someone you really wanted to make happy. You might have been teaching a child to ride a bike the first time or enjoying a video game with him.

A good exercise is to go back and find times when you were happy and investigate with the Method what got in the way. Or during the day, when someone does something to bother you, see if you can release and Love them anyway. You will find yourself lighter and happier, freer and freer.

Remember as Lester said, “LOVE LOVE LOVE, and you’ll be so happy….and healthy…and prosperous!!!”

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