Manifesting Abundance. How To Do It

Master and millionaire, Lester Levenson asked me once if I ever had money, and I said no. “Then the blocks to having it are all subconscious”, he said. What was he saying? What that means is this. All my feelings about being abundant were all suppressed into the part of the mind that we don’t want to look at called the subconscious. Why do we not want to see it? Because it contains memories and experiences from not only this life, but ALL our incarnations in the world. If that sounds weird, just stay open to the possibility. How can the KISS Releasing System help? By a simple process of asking ourselves some very powerful questions about letting go, we can unlock this dark part of our psyche and free up al the energy and power of our limitless nature. The mind is nothing but a recording-replaying machine much like a video camera or a PC where the cameraman or programmer has gone to sleep. It is a junkyard of useless thoughts and feelings that run us 24/7 in a vain attempt to keep us surviving. Once the process of releasing this stuff has begun, our lives begin to lighten up, and we can use the mind for what it was meant for: Creating what we choose, directed by the Self….Who we REALLY are. The ego and the mind are actually the same thing, a dim reflection of the Self/Beingness. By misidentification, the ego/mind assumes it is the Self. Lester said it is like the moon reflecting the Sun to light our way at night, and believing it IS the Sun. In this metaphor, the Sun rising is like the Self taking over once again to live our life as it was meant to be. Not as victims, but as victors. Happy and abundant.

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