Miracles And The Natural Law

Lester told me that a miracle is the easiest thing in the world to do. Why? Because it is the working of natural law. All Masters are able to totally control the physical world and produce at will whatever they choose. Lester said that accumulating money and things is really insecurity. We believe we will run out, so we feel we need to amass more and more. Even a person with billions of dollars is wanting security, because he does not stop, and keeps trying to gain more. He cannot use what he has already but keeps wanting more.
What is this law of miracles? One can read about it in Autobiography of a Yogi in the chapter, “The Law of Miracles”. The law is that if we allow the harmony to prevail, and let go of wanting (easier said than done), Beingness will supply us with whatever we hold in mind without any effort at all. Lester told me that Beingness is trying 24/7 to create our goals, but we get in the way with our wants, which block the goals from happening. The Sedona Method helps us let go of these wants. Yogananda states, “Nature obeys without stress or strain the man who is in tune with her.” (from the Law of Miracles, AY)

When Lester was living by himself in Sedona, he told me that miracles were an everyday happening for him. He just didn’t notice it since it was so natural. He never filled the water in his trailer tanks and yet they were always full.

This was documented by a student who was given the job to fill them and forgot to do it. Since Lester believed she was doing it, they were full! When a Master believes something, it is done. That is how healings occur.

The hardest part of all this is to let go of our wanting, and be in the harmony. We think we need to control events, and that stops us from the law from working. How many times have we been at the bottom, and just “gave up”? Then all of a sudden things turned around. What actually happened was that we let go of the need to control, and Beingness did it for us. “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity”, we have all heard.

When we run out of ideas, “Fate steps in and sees us through” as the song “When You Wish Upon a Star” says. Holding on to trying to manipulate things is just a program, a subconscious tendency from the past. Lester always cajoled me to let go of the need to control (with the Method), and my goal will just drop in. It is sooo nice whenever I have experienced this effortless creation. Why? Because one really feels the Self. Beingness, God. Our real nature is Infinite, and we get a peak at it at times like this. Our usual choice is to ID with our limited self from bad habits.

Lester told me that if I just let go all my wanting, everything would just drop into my lap. Effort implies ego. No ego, Self. But I want it MY way. Sorry, you can’t be like Frank Sinatra in this stuff. He might have been Chairman of the Board in his life, but I am speaking of the REAL Chairman. I have experienced miracles many times since I have been releasing. Some have saved my life and my former wife’s also.

Some have been more tame. I will admit it took a lot of releasing to get to that “no wanting” state, but it was worth the trouble. The great Indian Master Nisargadatta stated, “Break the wall your mind has built around you. Trust me. You will not regret.” (I Am That). That wall is mortared with wants and resistance. More about that program later.

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