Money Beliefs: How They Hinder The Flow Of Wealth

You can prove the truth of these happiness killers yourself. What are your strong held beliefs? “If I ever get any money, I will lose it anyway from the IRS or my ex.” “If I have a relationship, I will be betrayed.” “I can never be truly happy in this world.” And we have all heard this one….”The one who dies with the most toys, wins.”

All beliefs are just that…mental statements of an accepted fact. “Habits of thought, or latent tendencies, are the greatest enemies to realization.” However, the highest faculty of the mind is discrimination, and we must use that to discern the real from the unreal. The true from the not true. The mind from Beingness. This last one is what we use to drill down into the dark subconscious and focus the light of awareness on these obstacles.

Beliefs are some of the “self imposed limitations” Lester talked about. Beliefs DO get created because the mind projects out our world. So, it is in our best interest to drop these false decisions that made sense in the dim past, but are inhibiting and destructive to you now. What are some beliefs about money? You need money to make money. The IRS will take it all. My ex will take it. I will lose it. it won’t make me happy. Money gives me security.

“Pure mind allows the omnipresent omniscience to flow through us.”…Lester

Stephen Seretan

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