Problems, A Fast New Way To Solve Them For Good

What if all your problems are just memories?

One of the most powerful perspectives I have been exploring is that there are no problems in the present moment. I know that may be hard to accept, but what if all the supposed problems you have right now are just memories?
I challenge you to explore this question for yourself and at least entertain the possibility. I promise that if you even only partially accept this and work with it as best you can in the way it is outlined in this article, your life will easily and joyously transform for the better.�

The reason that problems appear to persist through time is that whenever they are not here in this moment we look for them. We actually seek our problems. We filter our experience based on the belief that we have a particular problem and unconsciously censor anything in our experience that does not support that belief, including the fact that it is not here now.�

Think of a problem that you used to believe you had. I purposely phrased this question in the past tense. If you are having a hard time accepting it as from the past, allow yourself to include the last moment as part of the past. Most of us think of the past as at least yesterday, last year or years ago. For the sake of understanding what I am suggesting, please allow yourself to view the past as anything that is not happening at this moment.�

Now, allow yourself to ask yourself this question: “Could I allow myself to remember how I used to believe I had this problem?” This shift in consciousness may make you laugh, it may make you tingle inside, or it may simply open the possibility in your awareness that yes, even this is just a memory.

Next ask yourself: “Would I like to change that from the past?” If the answer is “yes,” ask yourself: “Could I let go of wanting to change that from the past?” And let go as best you can. If the answer is “no,” just go on to the next step.

The completion question in this series is to ask yourself: “Could I let go of wanting to believe I have that problem again?” And then do your best to let it go.

If there is still some clinging to the memory of the problem in this moment, then repeat the steps from the beginning until you can fully let go. As you work with this perspective more and more, you will find it easier and easier to let go even of what you used to believe were long-standing problems.�

If you use this simple direct application of The Sedona Method, I promise you the results will surprise and delight you. I have seen just this one process quickly and easily free people from even the most long-standing problems. And I know that if you are open to it you can, too.


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