Benefit #1

The "Seminar-At-Home" Basic Digital Audio Course

These five audio sessions were recorded during a live teleseminar event. You get over six-hours of hands-on practical instruction. You'll hear me teach you how to use KISS Releasing exactly as Lester Levenson taught him.

Audio Session One reveals...

  • The psychological truth behind KISS Releasing and why this technique works consistently, predictably and effortlessly when all others fail! (Science backs it up and so does practical real-world experience!)

  • Why our lives are filled with needless limitations and how to get rid of them! (Just becoming aware of this fact will have a positive affect on you. Because now you'll finally realize why things have been less than ideal for you so far. And you'll know how to correct the situation!)

  • The one thing you must stop doing if you want true happiness! (You will never hear this from anyone else... but... it's the truth nonetheless!)

  • How to break up the mental and emotional resistance stopping you from taking action! (Here's how to get out of your own way and make things happen!)

  • Five things you should write down daily to keep motivated as you learn to release! (A simple but profound exercise that will help you see the progress you're making as you release the negatives out of your life!)

  • How to use KISS Releasing to begin changing your life immediately! (You can begin applying the technique right away on any issue, situation, problem or goal. And then your life will never... and I mean never... be the same again. It's so exciting!)

  • And much, much more!

Audio Session Two reveals...

  • Why you have feelings and why they get in the way of living your true potential!

  • The four major programs running rampant in your subconscious mind... and... how to begin letting them go now! (Once you know this, your world will change for the better so quickly you'll be shocked and amazed!)

  • How to free yourself of every single self-imposed limitation as fast as humanly possible! (Imagine a life where everything you desire flows to you without any strain or effort on your part. That's what is possible when you release using this process and now you'll know how!)

  • The Six Steps of KISS Releasing and what they mean! (Here's a summary of the process in a nice tidy list so you don't miss a beat as you release!)

  • How to eliminate the concept of lack from your life!

  • The one thing you must do -- it's mandatory -- to boost the effectiveness of the releasing process in your life exponentially! (Doing this one single thing can mean the difference between success or mediocre results!)

  • And much more!

Audio Session Three reveals...

  • How to set goals and easily achieve them without all the hard work you think you need to do! (The Goals Process is a fantastic and powerful way to experience releasing in action. You'll learn how to manifest what you desire without struggle!)

  • What the first two words of any goal statement you make must be! (Get this wrong and you'll have a tough time achieving even the smallest goal you set.)

  • One word you must avoid at all costs from putting in your goal statement! (Yes, it's that important not to make this mistake. So pay close attention to this part of the course!)

  • How to know with almost scientific precision how close you are to achieving any goal! (So simple... yet... so overlooked by just about everyone!)

  • How long you should work on a goal during any single session for maximum benefit before moving on to something else! (Hint: It has nothing to do with time frames.)

  • What "action steps" are and how they help to get your goal faster!

  • And much more!

  • How to get answers fast to any immediate problem you are facing! (Under the gun? Need a solution like yesterday? Here's how to find the perfect answer quick and easy.)

  • The single most important thing you must do when you feel stuck, overwhelmed or just plain can't get things going your way! (It'll make even the biggest issue in your life a cinch to overcome!)

  • Why there is no such thing as a Law of Poverty... and... how to have abundance in everything flow your way! (It's a lot easier than you think when you know this secret.)

  • And much more!

Audio Session Five reveals...

  • How to allow more love into your life!

  • How to break free from the shackles of the past! (Never again feel doomed by past mistakes or missed opportunities.)

  • The best way ever discovered to get whatever you want! (In some cases, it's as easy as sitting down with a piece of paper and pen.)

  • Why you keep experiencing the same or similar types of problems! (Stop doing just this one thing and watch as persistent problems vanish for good.)

  • How to solve all your problems this fast and easy way!

  • How to discard all the past emotional baggage weighing you down! (You'll feel so relieved when you do this. Like the weight of the world is off your shoulders!)

  • A surefire way to make the right decisions! (Do this exercise any time you are unsure what course of action to take. The right answer will inevitably come to you in no time.)

  • The only true reality we have... and... why the so-called "future" does not exist! (Stephen explains this in detail so you'll never worry about the future again.)

  • The real reason we do not achieve our goals! (Fact is, it has nothing to do with not trying hard enough... not wanting it bad enough... or... anything else you've been led to believe. Here's the truth about why your goals often slip out of the palm of your hand... and... how to make sure that doesn't happen to you next time.)

  • And much, much more!

The audios contain so many more secrets I could go on and on. But I think you get the point. By the time you're finished listening to this program you will know how to let go of every limitation in your way.

You also get...

Benefit #2

The Special Release Process

Lester Levenson developed this technique initially for the use of KISS Releasing instructors. It is a way to accelerate letting go. It clears up any excess negative baggage in your subconscious mind.

The Special Release Process will catapult your success with releasing. You can use it to "clean up" on people, situations and even yourself.

You will notice a marked improvement in relationships. Especially with the "hard cases" in your life. Conflicts will resolve. You'll communicate more effectively. Any unresolved feelings you are holding onto will just melt away.

Benefit #3

The Feelings Charts

Making the KISS Releasing System work in your life comes down to a few things. One of the most important ones is understanding how you feel NOW.

Because your ability to make life better depends on moving up the emotional scale. With the feelings charts you can track your emotional state. As you release, you begin moving up the chart to better-feeling emotions. And as you move up the chart, all the good you desire will flood into your life.

This is a powerful monitoring tool to be used daily and I show you how.

Benefit #4

The Goal Achieving Notes

Achieving goals is one of the biggest benefits of using the KISS Releasing System.

Stephen held an entire session on this topic alone. The goal achieving notes are a compilation of the most important points from that session. Refer to these notes before you write a goal. Then keep referring to them to make sure you keep moving in the right direction.

In addition to the course material, you'll also receive the following bonuses...

FREE Bonus #1

Special Report: How To Let Go Of Fear On The Spot

This report explains the exact method Lester Levenson taught me to release the feeling of fear. Once again, the process is simple and enjoyable.The best part is it works almost instantly to dissipate the feeling of fear in any situation. Whether you fear financial, health, relationship or other problems try this out and see how things will change!It will amaze you.

FREE Bonus #3

Special Audio: Winning In The World

In this presentation, the creator of KISS Releasing, Lester Levenson reveals...

  • How to take complete control of your financial situation (and every other area of your life)... even if... things seem chaotic and hopeless right now! (This will put a smile on your face!)

  • Why you must take full responsibility for the "bad" in your life... if... you want to get rid of all the problems bogging you down! (Lester explains why this is the first step to freedom from negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs imprisoning you to a life of mediocrity!)

  • How to effortlessly create any reality you desire as quickly as possible!

  • How to tell how close you are to being free from the blocks, obstacles and resistance most people endure all their lives! (It's so simple you'll never guess!)

  • The real reason you are not winning consistently... and... what to do about it now! (You will now have a sense of certainty about how to change any area in your life you don't like!)

  • The real purpose of goals! (Probably not what you think!)

  • What develops depression and resistance... and... how to let go of this insidious problem once and for all!

  • How one person achieved a six-figure income, landed a part in a Broadway play and in a major motion picture (Taxi with Robert DeNiro) and then... backtracked! (Here's why we self-sabotage ourselves... and... how to prevent this from happening to you!)

  • And much, much more!

FREE Bonus #2

Special Report: Problems, A Fast New Way To Solve Them For Good

We all face problems daily. In this report, I give you a simple application of the Original KISS Releasing System. You can use it any time to let go completely of any problems you are struggling with.You will truly enjoy the simplicity of the process.And you get another tool to improve all areas of your life.

FREE Bonus #4

The Fast Start Audio

In the Fast Start Audio, you get a shortcut to using the KISS Releasing System. The audio presentation is only about 37 minutes long. But it reveals the "nuts and bolts" of how to release the negative self-imposed limitations holding you back now.After you're finished listening to this audio, you can choose a goal (any goal you want) and begin dissolving the subconscious blocks to achieving the goal.

IMPORTANT: I want you to see the real power of this program. So I am going to give you a goal that -- if you release on it -- can help you make back your investment in the program. That's right! Use KISS Releasing (as taught in the Fast Start Audio) on this goal and you'll make back your investment in no time. It'll blow you away!

You'll have a hard time doubting the KISS Releasing System works after this.Well, that's a complete explanation of this powerful technique and how you can learn it. I've described everything you need to know to make a decision.You've seen the scientific proof... some of the celebrities, authors, self-improvement experts, athletes and top companies who endorse KISS Releasing... and... you've read all about how it has been used by over 70,000 people worldwide for six decades and how it can work for you.

I think now it's time for you to decide what to do next.Actually, the answer is obvious.You should get the "KISS Releasing System" basic course. Listen to it. Learn this amazing secret for yourself. Apply in your life and watch it transform for the better.

Here's the deal...

Other similar programs cost a small fortune. In fact, I also sell this program on another website for $297. However, for a limited time, you can...

Get It For A Big Discount Of 33% OFF What Others Had To Pay!

I will knock off $100 from the regular price... if... you get it today from this website. So you get the entire program... plus... all the bonus material for just... $197. (NOTE: I reserve the right to raise the price at any time for any reason.)

Let me tell you why it's a bargain at that price...Thousands of people have used it to make giant leaps in their income. Some have even become millionaires after properly applying KISS Releasing. Of course, not everyone gets those kinds of financial rewards so quickly. Yet, one of the benefits KISS Releasing students universally report is an increase in their income. Even if that was not a primary goal.Besides the money, think of it this way: How much is it worth to you to have a scientific and proven way to improve all areas of your life?

Whatever problem, issue or situation comes up you'll have a tool to make immediate positive changes. Often literally overnight. And once you learn the KISS Releasing system you can use it forever.There is nothing else you have to learn.Plus... keep in mind on the Fast Start Audio you get a goal you can use to make back every penny you invest in the program. So it could end up costing you nothing! Like the people below, you can use this goal to...

Make Back Your Investment In The KISS Releasing System Quickly And Easily

Some people are doing this within a few days of getting the program...

"Got Back Almost 10 Times My Investment In About A Week, So far the results have been fantastic.I got an unexpected $2,170 check from the doctor. Plus, I saved $696 on a vacation package after being quoted a higher price. I didn't negotiate or anything. It just sort of fell into my lap.That means, by investing in the program... I got back almost 10 times my investment in about a week. But the best part is I'm feeling in the flow all the time and all kinds of good things are now happening almost effortlessly. Thank you."

John A.

"Was Expecting To Make Only $10,000... Actually
Made Almost $30,000, I already achieved my goal, that was: I ALLOW MYSELF TO MAKE $25,000 (pesos) ON MARCH 2011. Interestingly enough, before buying your course, I was expecting to make only $10,000, more or less, and I actually have made almost $30,000. I didn't have a clue how I could make such a good money in a very hard month (I'm a salesman)."

Antonio Guízar Pérez

"I received 1 1/2 times the amount that I paid for the sedona method course from an item I had given to a coworker months before. She ended up not keeping it but sold it to her neighbour and gave me the cash which really was much more than I expected to receive in the first place and I didn't have to do anything to get it! Sweet..."

Barb Smith

"5k just came out of no where, is that a gain? I'm expecting money the middle of next week."

Kent S.

"I Received The Money Totally Out Of The Blue, On 3/8/11 I listened to the Fast Start Audio and I made a goal of 'I allow myself to quickly create all the money I paid for the Sedona Method course and more.' I released on it for a couple of days and then I forgot about it. I received the money ($100) yesterday (3/12/11) totally out of the blue, which was just a few days later. I had purchased the course on a special sale for $97. How does it get any better than that? And what else is possible?"

Patti B.