"When I read this, I was amazed at how much truth could be told so simply."

A Modern View Blog

"I released on the issue and took it to all the three wants, and I am ten times better."

Anthony M.

"Steve, investing in the KISS Resistance Releasing Power Package and your book Lester and Me was one of the best decisions I've made. Not to mention the clarity you gave me when we talked about how to get consistent results from releasing.

So far the results have been fantastic. I got an unexpected $2,170 check from the doctor. Plus, I saved $696 on a vacation package after being quoted a higher price. I didn't negotiate or anything. It just sort of fell into my lap.

That means, by investing in the program and book, I got back almost 10 times my investment in about a week. But the best part is I'm feeling in the flow all the time and all kinds of good things are now happening almost effortlessly. Thank you."

John Anghelache

"After years of studying success and self-development, despite my intellectual understanding of each, I still wasn't seeing the success I'd wanted in my life. Dejected, I spent some time feeling like I had failed and that I'd never amount to anything. Then one fateful night, I came across Lester Levenson and the Sedona Method KISS Releasing. I immediately recognized it as the missing piece to all the things I was seeking: money, satisfying relationships, and even happiness! Since then, not a day has gone by that I have not spent some time using the method, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Most importantly though, I've found a calm inner peace that can only be described as a feeling of coming home. The Sedona Method KISS Releasing works."

Anthony B.

"I read Lester and Me in one sitting. What a fantastic book! Thank you for Lester's last letter as well, amazing. Lester and the KISS Sedona Method has truly changed my life. I feel like I was confused and lost in self-development up to now."

Anthony Bronzo

"I am thoroughly enjoying it (LESTER AND ME) and find it extremely well written. You seem to bring up exactly what I am wanting to know about at the right time. I almost feel that I am there with Lester myself. You paint a great picture with your writing."

Randy McDaniel

"The Sedona Method is by far the most powerful way to make big changes in all aspects of your life through the simple act of 'letting go.' In the beginning it feels so easy that one feels the need to make it more complicated than it actually is. That is the perfect time to surrender and trust that some great things just get to be easy."

Mariel Hemingway

"Great book, Steve. You need to do an audio version."

Robert Wortsell

In July of this year, 2017, I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. I have been a student of Stephen Seretan with K.I.S.S. Releasing for a while and called him telling him the situation. He just reassured me we are going to release this come good news or bad news. Stephen said the Discovery Channel had a show on recently stating that when we are happy, our immune system kicks in, when we have either conscious or subconscious negative feelings, the immune systems slows down. If you want to know more about that, search Google for “negative emotions” + immune system. He said we all have cancer cells appearing in our systems all the time, we just fight it off normally, like every other invader.

He’s been there all the way. I had several biopsies, coming back with the same pathology, cancer. We came up with goals and released. You have to be committed and you have to be consistent. I did this about 2 months. Suddenly, all the tests I underwent, MRI, Cat scan. Pet scan, came back negative. Blood work, normal. The doctors in my home town met and said maybe you should get a second opinion. Went to the Mayo Clinic, and underwent the same testing about a month later. All were negative. Then they wanted to re-do biopsies. Biopsy came back only pre-cancer cells on the outside of my rectal area. So now we’ve gone from major surgery and chemo to a surgery called wide excision and skin grafting. Three weeks later I get another phone call from The doctor handling my case at Mayo clinic. He said after further revue, they want to try a topical cream that kills pre cancer cells. Releasing works. You have to make it constant. It’s easy to do, but you have to keep at it. You have to make it constant. I don’t think any of this was possible without it. This is my story.

Lou D.