The Sedona Method And The Giffords Event: Why It Is So Vital To Release Anger

Recent news has illustrated once again how emotions, unchecked and not released, can cause very negative results. The alleged shooter had a long history of mental/emotional issues, but no one could see the end result of these disorders. He and everyone in his life ignored them, and several people paid the price with their lives.

In this case, we see an unresolved issue of anger directed at a person of authority. In this case, Congresswoman Giffords. His delusions made her the bogeywoman for all his rage, and then he crossed the line and acted them out. He bought a gun in the easiest place to get one, AZ, when no one in his right mind should have let him have one. When the suppressed anger became too much to bear, he emptied the 31 bullet ammo clip into a crowd. The rest of this sad tale is well documented. Sadly, it is becoming all too familiar.

How does the Sedona Method resolve anger like this? First, we teach people to feel the anger and ask some questions to themselves to begin to dissipate the energy. That’s what feelings are…stuck energy. They are reactions now to some long forgotten event. Something someone says or does triggers it, and the rage gets stimulated. If not released, it eventually will be expressed in some way. The Sedona Method then takes that feeling to one of the three Master Programs/Beliefs in the subconscious, and teaches us to drop it under one of those. Simple and easy, and we feel better immediately.

American Master, Lester Levenson, stated that as a whole, the world is moving into more of an angry state. That’s why we see all the terrorist acts and the shootings at schools. Previously, it lay all dormant in the collective unconscious of the world. Now it is being expressed for all to witness. World War ll was a result of it laying suppressed for so long, so now it is much more out in the open for better or worse.

Releasing all our feelings with the Sedona Method or another technique is the best way to prevent these events from happening more.

Stephen Seretan
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