Wanting Love From The World, The Lynch Pin Of Unhappiness

“All your misery comes from your need to be loved.”

This simple, yet profound statement from Sedona KISS Releasing creator Lester Levenson, cuts through all the psycho-babble we hear every day, and makes the path clear to where happiness is. “If we could just love fully”, he said, “We would not only have all the knowledge there is, but we would have abundance drop in with an effortless thought.” In fact, as any Master knows, love brings all the power of the Universe into one’s hands at will. How is this possible? It is so because when we fully love, we are in harmony with all that is…Divine Will. And “Divine law supercedes man-made laws.
Most “normal” humans are living every day “wanting to be loved”. We are looking for it in every action we take, every word we speak, and unconsciously making ourselves victims of this never-ending, needy, love seeking behavior. Other people find a love seeker difficult to be around, even though they are doing likewise. We move away from these people because we want it also, and they just remind us of the uncomfortable truth.

The “Wanting Approval” program, as Lester called it, is a deep, subconscious set of instructions formed in the first days of life. We believe that we need the approval of caregivers (Mother and Father) in order to be fed and survive. It becomes anomolous
behavior though and follows us through life with extremely limiting results. Since it is impossible to “want” and “have” at the same time, wanting love sends us into a cycle of
needing love and never having it. The mind being creative, “wanting” creates “not having”.
As people practicing “The Secret” know, like attracts like, so wanting love never allows us to have it and all the other positive effects of that.

So what can we do? Lester told ,me after 11 years of friendship and mentoring how we can open ourselves to the magical power of love. “Release all your non-love feelings.”
Every feeling from Apathy to Pride is a non loving reaction to a world we feel victim to.
When we learn to let go of these feelings and wants, we can then choose appropriate, positive responses to the world and be abundant and happy. When we come from this loving place, the world will effortlessly move in our direction with little stress or strain.

The best way to release these subconscious tendencies is with Lester’s formidable tool
called “The Sedona KISS Releasing Technique. It is fast and powerful in dropping the “wanting love” cycle. We then feel lighter and happier. Freer and more powerful to achieve our goals. Love can be ours as well as the elusive happiness that seems to escape the world more and more. It looks for it in the accumulation of things and wealth, and it is never going to found there. Our recent financial meltdown illustrates the problems that come with this direction.

When we learn to let go of the “wanting approval” program, hundreds of feelings go with it.
We will naturally feel more loving and positive and more open to new directions for success. He told me that love is our natural state, and that we cover it over with limiting non love protection mechanisms. We go down lower and lower all our lives, never realizing what we are doing to ourselves. We mistakenly blame the world.

“Just love, love, love, and you’ll be so happy, so healthy, and so prosperous.” …Lester.

The secret to happiness is no secret now, thanks to Lester Levenson.


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