What Celebrities Can Teach Us About Fame And Fortune As A Goal

Like you, I have been watching the travails of celebrities every week. It is getting to be a comedic soap opera of sorts. They air mail insults and diatribes. The media responds, and the press has a field day, because they have something to write about in an otherwise slow news day.

How can we use this as a lesson about success? For starters, it is obvious to anyone who has experience working in the mental health arena, that these folks are looking for something they have not found in the Entertainment Industry. Many have been in and out of substance abuse clinics, but there never seems to be an overall improvement with their problems. The drugs and alcohol are being used as escapes from pain. What is the pain? If we can identify it, we can take a great lesson away from this tragi-comedy.

In my opinion, they are doing what everyone else is: He is looking for love and approval in the world. You might say that they get that already as the highest paid stars out there right now. People around the world adore then, and their millions per films/TV paydays are a result of that “love”. Not really, because that has nothing at all to do with it, as far as they are concerned. So what is it that’s missing in all this?

In the releasing technique taught by a little known American master, there is a subconscious program called “wanting approval” that we are not aware of until it is shown to us. We know it’s there by the feeling “triggers” that force us to become aware of the knot we feel many times. Feelings of rejection, doing things to get attention, and endless wanting adulation, are all signs that this program is running. The issue is that we can NEVER get the approval we seek in the world. It is impossible, although that doesn’t stop us from trying.

So how does this relate back to our celeb friends? They are looking for the same approval as everyone else. But they are in a worse state in a way because they are at the top of the world, and are still not feeling any approval and is miserable. So they escape with drugs, and then they try now to get the approval by wanting disapproval. It is a strange phenomenon that people will seek DISAPPROVAL also a way of getting approval. We see it all over with teens and their negative behavior. Others also exhibits this with all her misdeeds.

This releasing way is able to teach us how to access the wanting approval program and let it go at the root level. It is very easy, but people need to know the process by repeated practice and instruction by someone who knows it.

Stephen Seretan


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